The style and design of Mariella Nails Body & Mind Care studios give out the calmness and relaxation that our customers want for care and treatment of their hands and legs. The philosophy in our service facilities is inspired by the triptych “Greece – Land – Sea” and creates conditions of serenity and euphoria. Such design and the elegance of natural materials produce a modern simplicity in the unique atmosphere of Mariella Nails Body & Mind Care centers. With a view to cover all of your needs and taking into account several areas and markets of Greece we have established two types of studios:

1. Mariella Nailbars. They offer short specific services

2. Mariella Nailspa studios. They offer all kind of services from manicure to spa massage and aromatherapy

  Our studios offer:
  • An experience of exceptional care through an absolute personal treatment and unique conditions
  • A smooth relaxing experience by enjoying a short and relaxing manicure or pedicure with the signature of Mariella Nails Body & Mind Care experts
  • «Haute manicure/pedicure» An experience of haute manicure/pedicure by enjoying luxurious services for your personal care at affordable prices.


Adjust desirable luxury at your budget.