Open your own nail spa!

For Mariella Nails Body & Mind Care, the cooperation with future partners is considered as a long-lasting partnership with mutual progress and profitability potential. We address to serious and accountable businessmen or professionals activated in this field, sharing the same vision and desire for success.
The objective of our Company is to broadly develop its network and of course to expand its operations abroad.
Through our long activation in the field of well-being and aesthetic care for hands and legs, we have formed both a competitive and attractive partnership package offering the following:
  • Reliable and complete cooperation proposal.
  • Valuable know-how.
  • High profit margins.
  • Low initial investment amount.
  • Constantly increasing clientele.
  • Full provision of products and equipment.
  • Assistance in design and decoration of your store.
  • Proper advertising and promotion.
  • Technical expertise.
  • Systematic and constant training in new techniques and applications on hand and leg treatment.
  • Innovation in trends and style for hand and legs.

The partnership proposal by Mariella Nails Body and Mind Care combines all the characteristics of a successful system, which shall guarantee high profitability and capital turnover.

The amount of capital required for the creation of a Mariella Nails Body & Mind Care center may significantly vary depending on the type, area, location and condition of the facility selected, equipment level as well as on the provisions and facilitations that Central Services are able to offer to their partners.

We have developed four (4) types of centers under the trade name NAIL BAR, SILVER NAIL SPA, GOLD NAIL SPA and PLATINUM NAIL SPA, which vary according to their:

  • Operation type
  • Available surface of the facility


 Mariella Nails
Body and Mind Care
Type A’ Type B’ Type C’ Type D’
Services Aesthetic treatment for hands and legs Spa aesthetic treatment for hands and legs Spa aesthetic treatment for the whole body Spa aesthetic treatment for the whole body
Store surface (in m2) 25 m2 over 35 m2 over 60 m2 over 75 m2 over
Average personnel members 2 persons 2 persons 3 persons 4-5 persons


In the exponentially developing market of well-being and care for legs and hands and under current circumstances -where famous chain networks dominate- there are many reasons why you should choose to join the Mariella Nails network.

  • Security ensured by a credible famous network
  • Prestige of a trend pioneer in Greece
  • High profitability of a developing market
  • Unfailing and organized support by the Company Central Management
  • Mariella Nails exceptional and natural products, which are the spearhead of your development
  • Continual training support and information guaranteed by the Mariella Nails Experts Institutes
  • Assistance, participation and joint cooperation and understanding for issues and problems that may arise

Mariella Nails Body & Mind Care.
The franchising that Sakis Rouvas chose to invest!

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